Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah, Arenal (Volcano) Costa Rica, April 2014


ryan2So, people say traveling to exotic or historic places thru The Caribbean, or North America, must be amazing…and you know it truly is, but….the secret,.rya9 the secret, is working  with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah kids/and develop close relationships their families, …and sometimes….sometimes, I get lucky enough to hang around and do it again with the next childrens Bar/Bat Mitzvah, like I will be doing with the Fruhling family…..Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah in the Cloud/Rain Forest at the base of The Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica  was an event no one will forget….WE  EVEN FACETIMED IT LIVE  BACK TO BROOKLYN , SO GRANDMA COULD BE THERE….ALL YOU NEED IS WI-FI..RICELESS….Mazal Tov to a beautiful family…Cantor Glenn
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  1. Lizz Giampaglia says:

    Awesome idea, event, and family! Mazel Tov Ryan 😉

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